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Stuff you should know:

Summer/Fall 2013: Just finished recording the new Jamila Ford...about to start mixing this record...

May 2013 - I am teaching my Fix-it: repairing and salvaging audio class on June 16 at 3:00pm at Ronan Chris Murphy's Recording Bootcamp. Details on how to sign up can be found here: Fix-it: repairing and salvaging audio Hope to see some of you there.

Fall 2012 - I am incredibly proud to have made it on the 55th Grammy Ballot in 7! categories for my new CD Every Single Day. One of them for Best Engineered Album.

March 2012 - WOW...Where to start...First off my new CD "Every Single Day" is now available in my online store at http://thomashornig.com/shop.htm
I am incredibly proud of this CD, I also had some amzing people such as Jamila Ford, Dave Pearlman, Ronan Chris Murphy and Stephanie Villa contribute and they just rule
Secondly, speaking of Ronan Chris Murphy, Ronan is expanding his Recording Bootcamp and he asked me to teach some of the classes which I am incredibly honored by
Click on the link for Details: Recording Bootcamp
More Details will follow soon.

January 2012 - Happy New Year!!! I just started working on producing selected songs of the upcoming Jane Collymore CD. Stay tuned for more info!
My new CD Every Single Day is now available for pre-order at my online shop at http://thomashornig.com. It is scheduled for digital release early February 2012 and physical release March 2012.

Winter 2011 - I finished my new CD Every Single Day, listen to the album teaser in the media section. Final steps are the art work and then it's off to the replication center.
Offical Release Date will be early 2012. I am really excited about this record since it's a whole new leap in regards to my mixing skills which is the main reason I have not taken on any new clients until I had finished this CD.
I am about to start a new production project with a very promising artist and I am very excited about this.

It's Grammy Season I am excited that the Audio Book Freddy Or How The Rhinoceros Got His Horn is currently being considered for a Grammy Nomination.
It's a wonderful Childrens story written and performed by Peter Elbling which I recorded, produced and mixed...Wish us luck please!

Fall 2011 - Finalizing the mixes of my new solo CD. I am very proud on how it sounds, CD is scheduled to be released late/december/early january

Summer 2011 - Still continuing to work on my next solo CD while doing work as a freelance mixer.

Winter 2011 - Currently working hard on finishing my new CD but will always make time for a cool project, so contact me!

Winter 2010 - Doing Live Sound for the Dorian Holley Band and for several other Artists at Kulaks Woodshed

Summer 2010 - Besides working on my own new CD I'm working on several projects such as production work for Tati Rabelle, Deanna Pino, and Audio Restorations for John Rodd

Spring 2010 - On April 2nd 2010 Jennifer Quiroz's song The Greatest Good will be featured on the CBS Show The Ghost Whisperer at 8pm

Feb 23 2010:Jennifer Quiroz's Song The Greatest Good will be featured on major radio this coming week on Jwave in Tokyo, Japan

I recently finished producing the debut EP for Jennifer Quiroz, an amazingly talented young Singer/Songwriter
Please see the details below for her record release show.

Jennifer Quiroz EP Release Show:

          Jennifer Quiroz February 22 2010, 8:30pm
    ---The Hotel Cafe---

  1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd
  Los Angeles, CA 90028