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Located in Studio City California in a comfortable environment equipt with some excellent gear:


  • Microphones: Pearlman TM-1 Condenser, Rode K2 Condenser,
    Blue Bluebird Condenser, Rode NT4 Condenser, Rode NT5 Condenser, Shure SM7B Dynamic, Sennheiser 421 Dynamic,
    Rode M2 Condenser, Shure SM57 Dynamic, EV Dynamics.
  • Outboard: Aurora Audio GTQ2 Mark III (1073 Pre/EQ),
    Focusrite ISA 220 Channel Strip (Pre, EQ, Compressor,
    De-Esser, Limiter), Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Pre,
    A-Designs EM-PEG EQ's, A-Designs Hammer EQ, A-Designs Nail Compressor,
    A-Designs REDDI, Hairball 1176 Rev A (Blue Stripe), Hairball 1176 Rev D,
    Drips LA2,
  • Converters: Solid State Logic Alphalink MX 4:16 Converter
    with SSL MadiXtreme card
  • DAW: 3.6 GHZ Intel Quad I7, 32 gig of Ram SSD/SSHD Drives, Mavericks
    22" Dual Screen Monitors
  • Summing Mixer: Solid State Logic X-Rack 16 Channel Summing System
  • Monitors: JBL LSR4326P, Yamaha NS10m, KRK ERGO Room
    Correction System
  • Guitar Amps and Outboard Effects: Blackheart Little Giant Tube Amp,
    Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808, Kasha Overdrive Pedal,
    Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver, Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal, Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
  • Instruments: Yamaha Recording Series Drums, Zildjian, Sabian and Istanbul Cymbals, Roland TD-10 V-Drums Pro,
    Schector Hellraiser E-Guitar, Breedlove 35th Anniversary Acoustic, Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Guitar,
    Gold Tone Mandolin, Beach Classical, Epiphone Resonator,
    Carlo Robelli Fretless Bass, Dean Edge Q4 Bass,
    Hohner Strat, Fender Gemini II Acoustic Guitar,
    Kawaii K1ii Synth.


  • Media Production: Pro Tools 10 HD/11 HD,
    Steinberg Nuendo 6
  • Mastering: Steinberg Wavelab 8.5, Izotope Ozone 5, Izotope RX3 Advanced
  • UAD-2 Special Processing: Studer A800 Tape Recorder Plugin, Ampex ATR-102 Tape Recorder,
    Little Labs Phase Alignment Tool, Little Labs VOG, Oceanway Studios
  • UAD-2 Compressors: 1176, LA2A, LA3A, Fairchild,
    Neve 33609, VCA Compressor, SPL Transient Designer,
    Precision Limiter, Precision Multiband, Precision De-Esser
  • UAD-2 EQ's: Neve 1073, Neve 1081,
    Neve 88RS Channel Strip, Cambridge, Pultec,  Helios 69
  • UAD-2 Reverbs: DreamVerb, Plate 140, Realverb
  • Waves Plug-In's: CLA 76 Compressors, L2 Maximizer, Renaissance Bundle including IRL Reverb
  • Pitch Correction Tools: Melodyne Editor, Autotune Evo
  • Virtual Instruments: Steinberg Symphonic Orchestra,
    Steinberg The Grand 3, NI Kontakt 4, NI Pro 52,
    Steinberg Halion, Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2,
    Oceanway Drums
Room EQ Reading With JBL LSR4326P Monitors
Room EQ Reading